Corn VS Taylor Who Will Win This Hoe-Down?

The episode starts at the pool, where Vanessa gives Nick an ultimatum: “if Corinne stays, I will give back my rose and leave”. Corinne is somewhere sleeping on a bed of cheese pasta. Taylor and Sarah wake her up and tell her that she is acting a little entitled. Corinne, a blonde, white, attractive, young woman with a nanny, insists that she is not privileged and that Taylor and Sarah are just obsessed with her… leading us to believe that Corinne definitely voted for Trump. The rose ceremony goes just as we thought it would, and shocker, no one gave their rose back.

Instead of traveling to Bali or Mexico like we have in the past, the ladies find themselves en route to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yay? They all seem so excited at the thought of meeting Nick’s parents, and I’m over here like – y’all just met this guy like 12 days ago, do you even know his middle name yet?

Any who, Nick’s parents just want to know why he’s putting himself through this fresh hell again. His mother suggests that he may not even know what love feels like anymore because he’s been single for so long. Geez mom, kind of sounding like the asshole older brother there. This week, Danielle L gets the one-on-one date and we can’t help but feeling bad for her. Nick clearly doesn’t have anything planned so he decides to drive around and show her various spots in town where he used to make out with his home-grown hunnies where they stop to lay in a field where he lost his virginity....Romantic! They happen to “run into” one of his exes, who tells Danielle L that if Nick “doesn’t feel it to the point where he feels it, he just backs out.” I’m not even sure what that really means, but he only dated her for three months so I’m not sure Danielle L should be taking advice from her anyways. Danielle L of course gets the rose.


It’s time for the group date and the “lucky” ladies are headed to the dairy farm. Watching Nick feed a baby cow may have been cute for like one second, but then shit got real. Literally. They have to feed the cows, milk them, and then “shovel the poopy” as Corinne said. 

"I respect you for shoveling the poopy. I do. I really, really do. It takes a lot of courage, and a really blind sense of smell, to shovel that poopy. But I had a really serious hand situation, and I just couldn't shovel that poop"

Corinne went on to say that she is “a corn husk; you gotta pull all the layers back. And in the middle is this luxury yellow corn. With all these pellets of information. And it’s juicy, and buttery.” You’re right, baby doll, you are just luxury, juicy, buttery, NOT PRIVILEGED, corn.

During the cocktail hour of the date, Corinne decides to attempt some reconciliation with the other ladytestants. Her version of reconciliation is to be as fake as they are to her. Not the worst plan. Kristina gets the group-date rose and Raven gets the next one-on-one rose, after explaining to Nick’s dad what her name meant.. Again, dating this guy for twelve days so what other small talk is there to be had really..

This weeks cocktail party was more of a hoe-down – pun intended – as the ladies pike into an abandoned barn. Danielle L steals Nick away and everyone is upset because she already has a rose so why would she still want to talk to Nick… Taylor stands near them, shivering in her sleeveless frock, until she finally gets some time with Nick. Unfortunately for her, however, Corinne decides tonight is the night she wants Taylor to cash her outside.

“Taylor is fake and nasty. So tonight I’m going to go punch her in the face.” Howbowdah. Taylor tries to explain the concept of emotional intelligence to an adult woman who has a nanny. Good luck with that. We’ll find out just how well Corinne takes it next week! And remember y’all, “Michael Jordan took naps. Abraham Lincoln took naps,” napping is important.